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Induction Process

What is an Induction period?

Following 'Taster Days' in consultation with Parents/Carers a student joins TLC on an agreed start date. This is the commencement of a six week trial induction period, which enables the student to settle in. Upon completion of a satisfactory induction period the placement will be confirmed in writing to Parents/Carers. In the unlikely event of the student being deemed unsuitable the Management reserve the right to either extend the induction period for further evaluation or terminate the placement. Parent/Carers reserve the right to terminate the placement with immediate effect at any time during the six week induction period and will be reimbursed for any day paid for and not attended.

What is a 'Taster Day', how many taster days are available
for prospective students? 

A 'Taster Day' is an opportunity for a prospective student to experience a range of activities free of charge at TLC.  This allows students to experience preferred activities, which may be timetabled on different days.  TLC offers two 'Taster Day' experiences per student.

Are students who require 1-1 support workers able to apply for a placement?

If a student has a 1-1 Support Worker assigned as part of their personal care plan they are welcome to apply for a placement at TLC with their assigned support worker subject to availability on the preferred days.


TLC does not supply a 1-1 Support Worker to work solely with an individual student unless the Management have been contacted and the matter discussed prior to the commencement of the placement.

Can a student do half days?

The answer to this question is yes, providing it is an non accredited course. Transport can be arranged to either bring in the student or take them home. Unfortunately TLC does not have the availability to collect students from home at lunchtime. However, should the student wish to attend in the morning we can arrange transport to bring them to Melville Court. This would mean that the student would need to be collected at 1.00pm under your transport arrangements.

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