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Students can access TLC using Direct Payments, Individual Budgets or private funding.

Section 1
How is the service funded?
How many days can a student attend?

How is payment for placement made?

Parents/Carers will be invoiced on a four weekly basis in line with the London Borough of Havering Direct Payment schedule. 13 invoices are raised per annum with a student reference number and invoice number.  Receipts are also issued with the corresponding invoice number.

Payments can be made in the form of cheque, cash, standing order and bank transfer.

Parents/Carers will be required to keep invoices and receipts for audit purposes for Direct Payments or Social Services.

Section 2
Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs of any of our usual programmed sessions however, additional monies may be required for refreshments and lunches during our Non-Operational weeks and for outings.  In this case letters are sent to all Parents/Carers informing them of the cost of the contribution required.

Can a student join TLC in the middle of an academic year?

New students are welcome to join TLC at any time in the academic year, subject to availability in the timetabled curriculum.  Some groups may be full to capacity and therefore first choice subjects might not be available.  Students who join accredited courses midway through the academic year may not have enough time to complete the coursework and will not therefore gain the ASDAN accreditation in the subject.

What happens if a student is sick, on holiday or chooses not to attend?

At TLC we offer students a placement which covers 52 weeks per year excluding UK bank holidays.  Students who do not attend TLC on their usual timetabled day(s) whether through holiday or sickness will still be charged to cover the cost of the placement.  However, where there are bank holidays on days that students normally attend students have an opportunity to take replacement days within Non Operational weeks, dates of which are notified annually to parents/carers.


Students who attend TLC 5 days per week will not be charged for the bank holidays at they are unable to take replacement days.  Where students are hospitalised for a period exceeding two weeks, the TLC Management will consult with parents/carers. 

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