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Activities & Groups at TLC


TLC offer students a wide range of life skills and leisure based activities, which are both stimulating and creative allowing group work and individual work to flourish.  Students will also be able to access the community in planned, supervised and structured sessions.  Each student is encouraged to participate and learns at a level appropriate to them. TLC supports and encourages any students who wish to pursue the accredited courses available.

Break & Lunchtimes

Each day of the week at TLC is structured according to a timetable allowing for registration, breaks and lunchtime.  There are no additional costs to this service (apart from a small cost for drinks, if desired) as all resources for the group sessions will be supplied.  However, students are required to bring a packed lunch daily and are occasionally requested to make a small contribution to the cost of any outings.  Hot and cold beverages are available throughout the day.

Accredited & Non-accredited Courses

TLC is registered with the ASDAN Awarding Body. Different courses and sessions are on offer each new academic year which runs from (September - August) and students are given a choice of subjects available on their days of attendance.  Students not wishing to pursue their accredited courses will be able to enjoy the experience without any pressures.

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